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Nutricion sin fronteras

Plexus International 1992

On December 10 of 1992, Human Rights Day, at the City Hall, the NYC Commissioner of Human Rights Dennis de Leon organized with Mico Licastro, president of the Institute for Italian American Experience, a round table as a follow up from the Columbus Reconciliation Forum. Together with David Ecker, George Chaikin, Jose Rodriguez,  Ralph Lerner, Earl S. Davis,  Okechukwu Odita, and Sandro Dernini, they discussed to reinforce the Columbus Reconciliation effort as well as the international dialogue among all participants...

In early October of 1992, in Cagliari, the toy boat  Colombina representing the historical memory of the Plexus Columbus project was recuperated from the Sardinian aristocratic family Amat di Sanfilippo. Guido Pegna carried it there in 1991, from Carloforte, after the flight on board his kite,   when it came out the request by the Columbus Consortium Italian Committee to stop the Plexus participation in the 1992 Columbus International conference...

In early March of 1992, at the Plexus International Storage in Cagliari, Anna Saba presented the installation “Plexus Imprinting, A Story 1986-1992”, in which was exposed the full collection of her Plexus art books, made with photos, original documents and relics from Plexus events from 1986 to 1992. On June 13, the 3rd installation  Storage Calls NYC was staged at the Plexus International Storage by Gaetano Brundu as an art action in progress to create new Plexus artworks produced in the virtual space of the view finder...

On July 4 of 1992, in New York, at CUANDO, William Parker and Jose Rodriguez organized a day of remembrance & rejuvenation:  a day to honor our heroes & mentors, to offer gifts to the spirit. Remembering the past (how we got here),  today (issues that confront us), the future (thing we must do in order to secure that a future will exist.) It featured the music performances of William Parker, Jackson Krell, Lumi, Tony Feliciano, The War Hippies with Tom Corn, Matt Enger, Mark Enger, Santi Suaviro and many, many more...

In January of 1992, at the Art Gallery  of  the City of Cagliari, it was held the mail art exhibition “La Posta in Gioco” (Playing the Mail), organized by Gianni Broi.  Plexus International participated with a very long fax installation built by Sandro Dernini, Gaetano Brundu, Franco Meloni, Valeria Meloni and Anna Saba. It was made by images taken on the road of the Colombina Reconciliation Project. It was  faxed from Rome by Giancarlo Schiaffini and Maria Pia Marsala, to continue to play the game of Plexus voyage inside the 1992 C. Columbus Consortium event. 

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