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Plexus International 1996

On November 14 of 1996, in Rome, at the Roof Garden of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, within the event  “From Welfare to WellBeing: Eating Art, Get the Best from Your Food, Food for All”, staged by Organizing Committee of the Consortium for the WellBeing  in the 21st Century, on the occasion of  the FAO World Food Summit, Plexus International launched the Open Call for an Art World Bank, symbolically located in the island of Goree, Dakar.  54 art works from 33 artists were collected in support of it...

On March 6 of 1996, in Rome, it was established at the Rector Hall of S. Michele in the Cultural Ministry of Italy,  the Organizing Committee of the Consortium for the WellBeing  in the 21st Century,” with the purpose to represent legally the Consortium that was freely formed in 1995 at the 2° Well Being Symposium in Cagliari.   The Consortium's Organizing Committee was made by: Dante Balboni (chairperson), Clara Abatecola, Carlo Cannella,  Enrico Casadei, Francesco Corongiu.  Sandro Dernini and Mico Licastro Delianova served as coordinators...

On May 11 of 1996, at the 3 Baobab Gallery, in Dakar, it was organized by Plexus Dakar, with Assane Mbaye and Kadher Diop,  a presentation of the delivery by Sandro Dernini of an Anna Saba's bronze artwork and of two Fabrizio Bertuccioli's small painting as contributions in support to the Plexus proposal of the opening a World Art Bank in the island of Goree-Dakat. The presentation, managed by Zulu Mbaye, was chaired  by the former ambassador of Senegal in Italy, S.E. Youssouph Baro, new international coordinator of Plexus Dakar.

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