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Nutricion sin fronteras

Plexus International 1990

On December 29 of 1990, in Rome, at the Teatro in Trastevere, Sandro Dernini  presented to Mons. Balboni, director of the Vatican High institute for Sacred Art, the historical documentation of Plexus activities, from 1992 to 1990, organized chronologically and divided in single folders per year, as the primary source for his Ph.D. dissertation on Plexus Black Box at the Art and Arts Professions Department of New York University. The Plexus Black Boxas was carried with a short parade from the near house of Sandro...

On June 30 of 1990, in Rome, at the theatre Ridotto del Colosseo, it was staged 1992 Christopher Columbus Voyage in the Planet of Art, act III: Plexus Black Box. It was organized by Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Giancarlo Schiaffini and Micaela Serino. It was planned as a three days TV theatre laboratory, with no public, to package the Plexus Black Box to be delivered to the anatomy table of the Academy  to be open as an alive creature, like a Golem or Frankenstein. It was presented as the departure of a fractal of individual contributions travelling...

On May 1 of 1990, in Amsterdam, at the Leidse Bosje Park,  Willem Brugman and Frans Evers staged The Black Box: Ethnoreality: Plexus: Amsterdam, a graffiti piece/plastic theatre. Then, in June at the Polanen Theater, Willem Brugman presented The Hole Box: Amsterdam: Ethnoreality: Plexus, a theatrical performance with Scott Rollins, Jeroen Heuvel, Nadine Lavern and Regina Willense.Then, the Ethnoreality's records were in Rome by Sandro Dernini and Maria Pia Marsala symbolically de-materialised into the Plexus Black Box to travel in Sardinia on board...

On February 3 of 1990, at Metateatro, on the occasion of Loreto Papadia’s birthday party,  it was staged the happening 1992 Christopher Columbus Voyage in the Planet of Art, Act 2,  featuring the departure to the San Pietro Island of a long fax made by hundred faces of artists to launch the open call 500 Names for 500 Years. It was organized by Cast in collaboration with Art&Mix, Flash Music, Futuro Telematico, Limbo, Tempo Reale, McLuhan & Co, Metateatro, Plexus 23 and the Columbus Consortium.

On January 2 of 1990,  David Ecker, member of the 1992 CCC (Christopher Columbus Consortium), arrived in Rome. He was also Sandro’s Ph.D. adviser at New York University and director of ISALTA (International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art), a non profit established in 1981 in New York to sponsor inquiry into creative, critical, and theoretical aspects of art traditions world-wide for the purpose of advancing living traditions in art...

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