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Assane MBaye, historique artiste du Plexus International a Dakar, est decede ce matin, 28 Mai 2017, à hopital. Pardon et amour sont à vous ...


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Nutricion sin fronteras

Plexus current art projects

Plexus Atelier des Arts Kré MBaye" par les enfants de la rue 17 angle 8 Médina -Dakar, ménager par Sibiry Alain CoulibalyFatoumata Coulibaly;Sadany Mbaye, Thierno Seydou Sall et Asse Samb , diriger par Seni Mbaye

Centre for Australasian Theatre and Plexus International


on the occasion of International Human Rights Day

Cargo – Art & Food without Borders – Looking for Paradise

An International Traveling Art and Science and Technology Event

in collaboration with Nutrition Sans Frontiers

PART 1: 10 December 2014, Human Rights Day, Canopy Art Centre, Cairns, Australia





 Part 2: 10 December 2015, Centro Culturale il Lazzaretto, Cagliari, Sardinia, organized by Carovana SuonoImmagineMovimento


Photo by Anna marceddu 



The METR'ART is collective multi-perspective artwork, made by digital art contributions reproduced in A3 photocopy format and united together into a long rollmeter.

Until now 287 artists from all over the world have contributed, with about 600 digital works to the construction of the METR'ART, now over 220 meters long, as co-art collective work, to measure symbolically all forms of erosion in the planet, starting from the erosion of the Door of No Return The House of the Slaves of Goree, Dakar: from the erosion of the natural and cultural heritage of humanity to the erosion of human rights freedom and peace in the world. All digital works received are exhibited in Plexus International Virtual Gallery

Il Metr'Art è un opera collettiva in progress, realizzata fino ad ora con il contributo di oltre 287 artisti da tutto il mondo, che hanno inviato per email le loro opere che sono state quindi riprodotte in fotocopie formato A3 ed unite insieme per dare vita ad lungo metraggio lungo oltre 220 metri per misurare metaforicamente le diverse forme di erosione crescenti nel pianeta vivente.

Le opere digitali ricevute  sono esposte nella Plexus Virtual Gallery

It is a travelling art project started in 2004 in Dakar, Senegal, to raise attention on the dramatic sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slaves in Goree (Dakar), UNESCO World Heritage site, as symbolic erosion of the humankind memory, as well as of all forms of “erosion” underway in our living Earth planet. .

The travelling event is made through several acts staged in several parts of the world, with real art exhibitions on the site as well as by digital art contributions exposed in the Plexus Virtual Gallery.

The Plexus Erosions and Renaissance show is a travelling cultural ecological navigation project to raise attention on the increasing forms of “erosions” underway in our living Earth planet.

Erosion”: This category includes not only genetic erosion and the erosion of species, soils and the atmosphere, but also the erosion of knowledge, cultural diversity, human rights and the, freedom and peace. We are losing biological resources and traditional knowledge relating to the management of ecosystems and biodiversity”

From 2004 to 2012, Nine Acts of the Erosions and Renaissance Show  have been realized in Senegal, Australia, Italy, Spain, USA, and Brazil.



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